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Gunnar C

area, including Austria. The red beard from Scotland. It used to be a man article of clothing for men and still is seen today. Lastly, the facial expression, boots and back drop all tie together. It is ment to represent the hard working culture of both heritages. My family immigrated from Austria to America and started there own farm and worked hard to begin a life. On which to this day we still live on the original land,
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Tyler B
my avatar i made refelcts me by my skin color that would represent my spanish side.the ram horns represent my german side because germans are hard headed. The lion tail is for every other heritage that is in me that makes me who i am.

Rachel B

My avatar I made reflects on England and the English heritage. I gave my avatar fair/pale skin because that’s a common physical characteristic that comes from the English heritage. My avatar is reading a newspaper but its meant to be old folklore/legends. Folklore and poems are very traditional in the English culture. England is known for many poets and play writers like William Shakespeare. Also that is why I added a theater background for my avatar, it also shows that plays were very traditional. In England they have queen and kings so my avatar is meant to be dressed in nice/formal clothes to represent the royal side of England.
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Conor B
avatar (1).gif
My Avatar represent my Irish culture. First off the hat represents some of the Irish heritage folklore Known as the leprechaun Which is so post to have a pot of gold hidden at the bottom of a rainbow. Second my avatar is dressed in all green to support a hugely celebrated holiday in Ireland St. Patrick's day which is a religious holiday celebrated on march 17th. Last my avatar has a drink in his hand the Irish culture is stereotyped to be heavy drinkers and with my Irish Heritage experience seems to be true. Also pubs and bars a huge part of the Irish culture.
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Hailey B.
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My avatar represents the Hunarian and French-Canadian cultures. My avatar is wearing glasses because in Hungary, education and college is very important. In fact, in 1395, a college called the University at Obuda was established. Also, many scientists have come from Hungary, since Hungary has very excellent math and science schools. My avatar is wearing a hard hat because mining is one of the biggest and most successful agricultural elements in Quebec, Canada. Coal is Quebec's biggest export and they make a lot of money off of it. My avatar is wearing a medevil dress to show the importance of the medevil period in Hungary. This was a time where the kings of Hungary were at their highest and were the most important part of the Hungarian monarchy. My avatar is holding a hockey stick because hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, including Quebec. In Canada, 164 out of 10000 play hockey. The background of my avatar is a very snowy environment in order to show the cold conditions of Quebec.
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Lorenzo B

My avatar represents the spain and Italian culture's. My avatar is wearing goat like horns for Italy, because of the Italian culture a goat is still a big part today. They are endangered today, That goes back to the part that the goat as a important animal to Italy. The smile on my avatar also represents the joy that Italians have and they like to spread that joy with the other people around them. If i was able to I would put a cross on my avatar to represent the religion of roman cathloic. The skin color represents the Hispanic culture that Im from.
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Jacob A
My avatar represents a similar looking person to myself. My fathers side of my family originates in a small town in the country of Spain, my ancestors crossed to the Americas by traveling with explorer Hernan Cortes, they then traveled and settled in what is now New Mexico, where most of my cousins and family are today. This is why my skin in the avatar is taner than normal, which is a common characteristic for Spaniards.My mothers side originates from Germany, Ireland, and other countries in Europe. None of my family has traced back to how my family has ended up here.
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