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Tylor Garrison
The avatar I made reflects on my native american ancesters because of the wings of a eagle show my native american side because eagles are a special and meaning full animal to alot of indians and the forest shows where my relatives deep down came from a tribe in california thats why i think this avatar represents me and my hair is brown because my moms parents and my dads parents both have brown hair.He is wearing less that represents that native americans dont wear alot of clothes .

Bryan Hermosillo

Tanner Heller

Jessica Huffman
My avatar represents my heritage from Spain and Ireland. The background represents my Spanish heritage. The green dress represents my Irish heritage. My mom’s side of the family is from Spain, where we get the olive tone skin and brown hair. My family makes homemade foods like tortillas, enchiladas, green chili, and salsa. My dad’s side of the family is from Ireland, where we have some traditions that we celebrate. Every year, the whole family gets together at my grandpa’s and we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! We have a tradition where if you don’t wear green you will be pinched! So always wear green! That’s a little more about me!

Michael Herman

Daniele Guzzo

The avatar that i made reflects on Italian heritage. My avatar has long dark brown hair with light blue eyes. She is wearing a soccer uniform to reflect that soccer ( football ) is one of the main sports in Italy. She is wearing glasses and is standing in a library to show that most Italians go to college. The education is just like Americas they go through elementary school, middle school, high school, and then college. There is a bag sitting next to her because in Italy fashion is very important, you are judged on your appearance and by the clothes you wear.

Jesse Garcia

My avatar represents my Mexican culture. I gave my avatar animal features that mean something to me and my culture and represent Mexico. The lion mane represents me and my family as Leos. Plus a lion is the king of the jungle and is strong and independent. The snake tongue just represents a snake. Snakes have appreaed in Mexican mythology for the longest time. Snakes are important because they are uniqueand they are like or are represented the serpent god Kukclcan. They can even be found on the sides of old buildings, pyrimads, and walls.. I put jaguar paws on my avatar. The biggest cats such jaguars live there and are everyone favorite. Lastly my avatar is wearing glasses and that is because baseball is my life and i dont know what i would do without it. It is as if it is a part of me.

Katelyn Griego
My avatar represents my heritage from Spain and Germany. The Spaniard’s love to listen to music and dance. I put flamingo feet on my wild self to represent the style of flamenco dance. Flamenco is the most popular dance in Spain along with the Tengo. My avatar has bullhorns. The horns represent the trait of being an argumentative person. It also shows the entertainment of bull riding. Bull riding has been a tradition in Spain for many years. My avatar has a fashion shirt on because Barcelona is one of the most fashionable cities. In Spain and in Germany, art and architecture is a major part in the culture. To represent the famous artists, there are peacock feathers. In Spain and in Germany there are famous cathedrals and other complex buildings. Germans are very studious and take education very important. The glasses are to represent a good work ethic. Lastly, in both countries, soccer is a national sport.
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