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Dante Johnson
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My avatar has darker skin because most African Americans have darker skin. My avatar is also wearing so much green because in the the Irish culture catholic men and women wear green. My avatar is also listening to music because music is very popular in the German heritage along with art, religion and sports.
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Jt Kretzel
My avatar has a lighter skin color just like many Germans hold. I put a soccer jersey on him because soccer is very important to many people over seas in Germany. My avatar is holding a drink because food and drinks are a very important concept of the German life.
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Kailey Larson
My avatar has really long hair like most indian women have. She is also wearing mocassins to represent my Native American heritage. I added the unicorn because in England, they talk about folklore and fantasy as well as write stories about folklore. The green background is in Germany to show my German background.
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On my fathers side my heritage is Scottish and on my mother side I am both Canadian and German, my avatar represents my ethnicity in many different ways. It represents Scotland by the flag behind my avatar and my avatars background is an aquarium because Scotland is known for the fish and chips. Germany is known for their writers and philosopher there for my avatar is wearing glasses also by having blond hair and blue eyes. My avatar represents Canada by wearing a blue fuzzy coat because Canadians are known as Eskimos.
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Austin Kargar
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My avatar is from a Persian heritage. Most important unit in my heritage is family, thats why there is a living room. The long dark dress represents the holy friday of Muslims. Lion stands for strengh, courage, and power. Another word they call Persian's is Afghan's
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Jim Lor
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My avatar is from a Hmong heritage. His skin color is tan just like many other Hmong people. I put a conical hat on him because Hmong people are mostly farmers and grow there own vegetables and raise livestock in order to live. The chicken is also there because the chicken is used in many ways in the Hmong culture. Also my avatar is in a living room because family is the most important when it comes to Hmong people.
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