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Jessica Montano

My avatar was created to represent my Mexican heritage. Many mexicans have brown eyes, dark hair, and dark skin, but there are mexicans born with light eyes, light hair, and light skin. The most common symbol among Mexican people is the flag. The flag has three colors, red, white, and green. Red represents the color of blood. Green represents hope for a better nation, and white represents the purity of catholic faith. In the middle of the flag is the National Mexican Crest which is a very important symbol to Mexican people. My avatar is wearing a Cinco De Mayo shirt because that is one of the most common Mexican holidays.Cinco De Mayo has been celebrated ever since 1862. The backgroud for my avatar is the kitchen because that is where many Mexican families spend their time cooking traditional Mexican dishes such as; tamales, enchiladas, posole, salsa, and menudo. These are a few things about my Mexican heritage.
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Brionna Martinez
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My avatar was created to represent my Mexican, German, and Spanish heritage. I chose the red dress because one of the colors on the flag is red representing blood. I also picked a dress because in Spain the women like to dance a lot. Many of the women in my family have long thick dark hair which is why I chose the hair that I did. The fair skin represents the German heritage. I chose green eyes to represent the Spanish; most of us have blue or green eyes. In the background you can see the statue of Jesus on the hill; this represents Catholicism which is very important to the Mexican side of my family. I gave her a smile because no matter which heritage, my family is always smiling.
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Julia Mata
The avatar I created represents myself and my family's heritage. My family is 3/4 parts Hispanic. The other remaining quarter is German. The heritage that i represent the most. I resemble German, more than Hispanic. I have light skin, light hair, and green eyes. On the other hand it is not uncommon to have light eyes, skin, and hair being Hispanic. Most people do represent German customs more than you know. For example, decorating Christmas tress, baking Gingerbread, and Easter eggs all come from German customs, and traditions. And I would rather eat German food than Hispanic food. I take after my German heritage more than my Hispanic one.
Jeremy Myrant
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My Heritage has ties to the Cherokee tribe, the Sioux tribe and Blackfoot tribe. We also have ties to France. The skin color darker than the normal white person because the Indian blood mixed in. The clothing is native American and the hat is mid-evil Europe.
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Deion Martinez

My Avatar was created to represent my Mexican Haritage. I have dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair. I put a tiger tail because i am a Leo. I put a Gutair on my shirt because the mexican culture loves there music. I did a cave backround because there are caves in mexico.
Andrew Martinez

My avatar was created to show my Mexcan culture. I put a Guitar on my shirt of the Avatar because in the Mexican culture they love music and i am also into music. I got a lion face on my avatar because the a lion represents Leo. The snake body represents the snakes they have in Mexico and its one of my favorite reptiles. I Put jaguar paws on me becaause its one of my favorite animals and they have them in mexico. My background kinda has a mexican theme because its always hot in mexico.
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My heritage is Mexican, German, English, and a little Indian. On my avatar, I showed the Mexican Flag to represent the Mexican heritage, obviously. I have the dark hair characteristic that generally most Mexicans have. I used a German Shepherd to represent the German heritage. The German Shepherd is a breed of large-sized dog that originated in Germany. I used the background of an English Stadium. Soccer is the labeled as a main sport for England.
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Justin Nash
On my Avatar I put a leprechaun at the bottom because I�m Irish. In Ireland the Leprechaun represents a fairy shoe maker according to fairytales and stories in Ireland. In Lithuania Football is really big and it�s mostly a men sport. On my Avatar I put a farm background because my family owns a farm out in Mexico, so that�s how I think of Mexico in my own personal view.
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Neil ortiz

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Gentian Mevlani
My Avatar i created represents me and where im from. The Water background represents my dads's beach house on the adriatic sea. The guitar on my shirt represents How much Albania loves there music. The wings represent our flag, which is the double headed eagle.