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Antonio Palazzari
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I I made my avatar a darker skin tone because people in Umbria, Italy, have darker skin. I also put him in a resturaunt, because Italians (and my family) believe that dinner together, and with guests is extremely imporntant. He has dark wavy hair like most middle/southern italians, however in the north they will have lighter skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.
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Cameron Ryan
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external image 17AQYHUi5AAEB_oFHgKBUZv0A.large.png?.intl=uk

I made my avatar with light brown hair and blue eyes because most northern irish have these fetures. I also put him in a traditional irish outfit. I chose this background because irish people are in to hunting and fishing.
Jesse Rusch
I made my avatar wear a snow jacket, as well as riding a snow-mobile. Also the background he is placed in is snowy and cold due to Russia's climate. Russia's climate consists of harsh winters and mild summers. The Panda next to me represents, "Asia" due to Russia being located in Eastern Europe, as well as Asia. This is because of Russia's large land mass on the globe. In the background is the Russian flag; the colors consist of white, blue and red. The colors represent different meanings that can relate to my ancestors that moved from Russia. White means peace, as my Great Grandparents moved at the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution to escape Communism. Red represents Bravery and strength, because of all the hardships that my Great Grandparents endured upon their journey to the U.S. Blue represents
perseverance and justice; as my Great Grandparents sough a better life with justice in the U.S and a better life for their children.
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Ryan Solano

Being from so many different places and countries I couldn’t just chose one I’m a mutt . I made my avatar white because out of my diverse heritage that’s how I ended up. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair because that’s what I got from everything thrown together I put an American flag because im an American, I don’t claim another country but the one I live in. Also I put in a cat because its typical in America for people to have pets like cats and dogs.

Anisa Saleh
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I look American on the outside as many of us do but our heritage is far from JUST America. My dad's side of the family is from Idlib, Syria and EVERYTHING in their culture goes back to their religion and the Quran (their Bible). The sons and daughters believe in taking care of their families over everything else. Because they believe in the Quran and the Muslim ways then you cannot eat pork because they think it's a dirty animal. They celebrate holidays one of which is like their Christmas which is Eid which comes after Ramadan and Hajj. Ramadan is a holiday dedicated to 30 days of no food or water from sun rise to sunset, also Hajj is their other holiday dedicated to praying to the temple of Mecca. Many people to come if they are free of dues to other people and you are only mandated to go once if you are financially able to. Mecca is a sacred place, which is to be believed the center of the world and was built by Adam but has since been destroyed and re built by two other profits. Muslims pray 5 times a day preferably on a rug that is clean and not stepped on unless being prayed on and they ALWAYS face Mecca, but are praying to Allah himself (God). Jesus is a profit in Islam NOT God's son. And Mohammed is the most praised profit in their religion. Majority of men in the Muslim culture work and their wives stay home to cook, clean, and attend to their home and children. Nut the men make their women cover if they are not already by the time they are married then the husband makes them because they don't want another man seeing their wive as attractive. Middle Eastern people are most recognized because of the crescent moon with a star. I do not practice this religion but I thought that more people would like to know this side rather than a middle American heritage.
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Brandon Shannon


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