Anthony Zimmerman-Cortez
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I made my avatar a soccer player because it is a very well known sport in Spain, and they are very good at it. In fact they are world champs in soccer. I put a sombrero on my avatar because a lot of Hispanics wear this. I also used the Spain national flag as the background of my avatar. My avatar has darker skin, this is because I have dark skin and this is a characteristic of the people who live in Spain. Although I couldn’t represent this on my avatar, about 75 percent of Spain is Roman Catholic. Some of the languages of Spain are; Spanish (official) 74%, Catalan-Valencian 17%, Galician 7%, Basque 2%.

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My heritage consists of Hispanic and Native Americans. My Avatar has Native American feathers, jewelry, and beads on her because it represents stories that they tell. Native Americans have feast celebrations with dances that are considered to be prayers.
My Avatar represents Hispanic to because it has darker skin color, also the background is in a kitchen because the women have to cook and be obedient for their family.

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