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Arellano, Jacob C
Bachicha, Lorenzo E
Bartels, Dakota J
Brassard, Hailey E
Breen, Conor C
Bryant, Tyler D
Byars, Rachel E
Callahan, Chance J
Campbell, Gunnar R
East III, William R
Emerson, Matthew K
Escobar, Jennifer G
Gann, Avery J
Garcia, Jesse J
Garrison, Tylor S
Gioia, Cierra A
Griego, Katelyn C
Gunter, Jordan L
Guzzo, Daniele M
Heller, Tanner C
Herman, Michael C
Hermosillo, Bryan D
Huffman, Jessica S
Hughes, Ashlee J
Iacovetta, Jordan A
Jimenez, Alejandra n
Johnson, Dante M
Kargar, Austin A
King, Elijah K
Kirkpatrick, Morgan J
Kretzel, Justin T
Larson, Kailey M
Lockhart, Megan S
Lopez, Tatyana n
Lor, Jim n
Lovato, Tanner J
Martinez, Andrew A
Martinez, Brionna L
Martinez, Cassondra M
Martinez, Deion D
Martinez, Michael T
Mata, Julia L
McCain, Shania A
Mevlani, Gentian L
Mills, Jeffrey T
Montano, Jessica J

Myrant, Jeremy M
Nash, Justin M
Ortiz, Neil A
Palazzari, Anthony P
Queen, Joshua T
Rodriguez JR., Dean J
Rusch, Jessey J
Ryan, Cameron J
Saleh, Anisa R
Sanchez, Javier n
Shannon, Brandon S
Skinner, Joshua D
Smith, Selina G
Solano, Mariah S
Solano, Ryan B

Spehar, Tanner W
Taylor, Maunjaree H
Tolmich, Adrienn R
Walshe, Samantha J
Woods, Andrew B
Zimmerman-Cortez, Anthony R

Citation for story:

"A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings - Arapahoe High School." Arapahoe High School. N.p.. Web. 26 Oct 2012.

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