Collaborative Group Graphic Organizer

Part 1 Instructions:

From our Edmodo site, click on the folder on the right hand side that says Beginning of the Year. Locate the WG&MCL KWL Chart (a Google document). Open it, and follow the instructions.

From Google Docs, click Create, From Template..., then search for WG&MCL KWL Chart.

Once you have opened the document, follow the instruction for sharing it with your group. Only one member of the group needs to share with the rest of the group. Remember to share with Mrs. Schafer and Mr. Boyd as well.

Complete the remainder of Part 1 in Google Docs.

Copy and paste your chart (when it is completed by all members) to this page, so that your group will have it here for Part 2 of the assignment.

Part 2 Instructions: Navigate back to this page (your group's wiki page). Click on the 2 speech bubbles on the upper tool bar. There you will find 2 discussions. Click on and read the posts by Mrs. Schafer. Reply to each post and post your comment. It is important to review your group's KWL chart in order to take part in the discussion.