Collaborative Group Graphic Organizer

Part 1 Instructions:

From our Edmodo site, click on the folder on the right hand side that says Beginning of the Year. Locate the WG&MCL KWL Chart (a Google document). Open it, and follow the instructions.

From Google Docs, click Create, From Template..., then search for WG&MCL KWL Chart.

Once you have opened the document, follow the instruction for sharing it with your group. Only one member of the group needs to share with the rest of the group. Remember to share with Mrs. Schafer and Mr. Boyd as well.

Complete the remainder of Part 1 in Google Docs.

Copy and paste your chart (when it is completed by all members) to this page, so that your group will have it here for Part 2 of the assignment.

1. Lorenzo Bachicha
2. Dakota Bartels
3. Conor Breen
4. Jacob Arellano
5.Hailey Brassard

W-Want to Know

Central and South (Latin) America

1. Very cultural
what types of music are known.


33. A part of brazil.
What religions do they practice?

4. A very cultural region of the world.
What religions are practiced, and what their economy is shaped around.

5. . -the panama canal is here
-the amazon river is located in this area
-rio de janerio is in this area
Why are the majority of south and central american countries very poor?


1. Big in different varities of culture,music,religions and people
What types and main varities of relgion are used/ practice

2. diverse population.
What types of religon’s do they practice?

3. A very populated country.
What is apart of their culture?

4. The biggest continent on the Earth, has diverse culture and religions, and very populated.
Which religions do they practice, what is included in their culture.

5. -Main religions here are islam, buddhism, and hinduism
-there are many different forms of the chinese language
-the great wall of china is here
-the biggest country in the world is here; Russia
Why is it that the Japanese are the longest to live?
Is it true that chinese children work in the factories?


1.Country is poorly organized
what types of are culturual tribes there are

2. many different cultures and practices.
what are some of the


4. A poorly economic part of the world, very dry climate in some parts
What religions are practiced, what countries have the most problems.

5. -Cape town and jbay are here
-Table mountain is here also and so is the Savannah and the Sahara desert
-there are some tribes here that speak click
-Why is the climate so dry in africa?
-What is the main religion of africa?

The Middle East

1. dry in most places
what problems do they face today with relegions and race



4.Lots of problems in the countries with war, and the economy.

5.The iraq war took place here
-islam is a popular religion here
-saudi arabia let a woman in the olympics for the first time
Why do the middle east hate Americans?

Part 2 Instructions: Navigate back to this page (your group's wiki page). Click on the 2 speech bubbles on the upper tool bar. There you will find 2 discussions. Click on and read the posts by Mrs. Schafer. Reply to each post and post your comment. It is important to review your group's KWL chart in order to take part in the discussion.