Students will create an avatar that represents their ethnicity and/or culture.
Students will explain how their avatar represents their ethnicity and/or culture.
Students will use proper grammar and mechanics to clearly explain their avatars.
Students will use the proper MLA citation to cite their sources.

Part I-Creating Your Avatar: Click on the following link. Scroll down and choose one of the 4 sites to create an avatar. Create an avatar that best represents you and your heritage and culture. Use the features to creatively symbolize different aspects of your heritage and/or culture. You will have to save your avatar to your desktop (and student folder) before adding the avatar file to the "Student Avatars" page.

Tips for the Yahoo Avatar Site
Click on the yahoo link from our website (on the Announcements page)
Create your avatar (use the tabs on the top to change appearance, apparel and background)
When you are finished creating your avatar, click on the "Save Changes" button under the picture
Click on the Home tab (next to Appearance tab)
On the right hand side in a box, it reads "Export", click on that,
The next screen on the right hand side under "Did you know?" click on "download".
You can choose the Large, JPG, then click "download"
"Save file", and it should show up on your desktop.

Part II-Add Your Avatar to Your Page:
Click "Edit".
Type your name under the "Name" column.
Click inside the 2nd Column titled "Avatar"
Click on "File" on the toolbar at the top.
Locate your avatar file and double click.
Upload your file.
Double click on your file.
Your avatar should show up in the 2nd column.
Click "Save".

Student Avatar Pages by Last Name

Part III-Justify Your Avatar:
Using correct grammar and mechanics explain how the avatar represents your heritage and culture.
Click "Edit"
Locate your name on the table and click on the 3rd column.
Type in your thoughtful justification of how your avatar represents your heritage and/or culture. The column will expand as your type. You must cite 2 of the sources (in MLA Format) in the final column that you used to attain the information and create your avatar.
Click "Save".

Part IV-Get to Know Your Classmates
Read through the above pages, and get to know the other students in the class.
Boen, Trenton C
My heritage is Norway, German, French and Spain. I have bison horns because my ancestors homestead a part of North Dakota. One of my ancestors got killed by Native Americans during a bison hunt. Sand Tiger shark teeth because both ancestor traveled across the sea to reach America. They also ran into many of the sharks when they got off the boat and left a mark on one of the legs of an ancestor. Octopus arms because the similar trait that runs in my family is multi tasking. It was very common for the women to do this then gradually the men took on the trait as well. The medium height because non of my ancestors are tall but there not short. Making the height in my family in between small and tall. The horse tail because my family used the horse for almost every thing. My spaniard ancestors had a very large horse ranch they also used the horse for every thing even going to school.

external image getDesktop.php?name=TReNToN&height=1050&width=1680&animalName_1=Bis-sha-octo-con-horse&body=6&hair=24&eyes=56&brows=67&glasses=1&mouth=1&headgear=2&ears=1&face=8&arms=25&bottoms=2&backsides=1&tails=5&backgrounds=1&legs=1&shorts=1&shirts=17&sneakers=1&decals=1&cobra=1
McMillan, Sean R
My heritage consists mainly of scottish and Irish roots. The goat horns represent how the celts usually eat a lot of goat's meat. My avatar also has butterfly wings because the Irish believe butterflies are the souls of the dead. It's illegal to kill a white butterfly in Ireland for they believe they are the souls of children. It also has a snake's tongue and tail to represent the story of saint Patrick and how he drove all of the snakes out of Ireland. Last, he has a guitar on his shirt because that's my favorite thing to do.

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Richardson, Makeri J
external image getDesktop.php?name=MaKeRi&height=900&width=1440&animalName_1=Lun-fen-horn-elle&animalName_2=-ondor-horse&body=6&hair=175&eyes=26&brows=1&glasses=1&mouth=1&headgear=8&ears=5&face=6&arms=15&bottoms=7&backsides=6&tails=5&backgrounds=6&legs=1&shorts=31&shirts=25&sneakers=1&decals=1&cobra=1
My avatar is made to reflect on my Native American culture. I gave it bird like features such as a beak, wings, and feathers on it’s head because the eagle is very important to the native Americans. It represents courage and bravery and is lead to believe that that is has powerful healing medicine that allows you to live in the realm of the spirit and the realm of the earth. If a member of a tribe dreamt of an eagle or an eagle’s feathers, an Eagle Dance was organized. I also gave my avatar horse legs because the horse is also a sacred animal to the Native Americans. The Indians often called it a big dog. It held mystery. And last, my avatar has buffalo legs because the buffalo was a symbol of abundance because buffalo meat was fed to the people, the hide was used as clothing and shelter, and the bones were used as tools. If a child’s name included the word buffalo in it, it was going to mature quickly and would be very strong. Indian tribes believed that the animal was their patron.

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Sharafabadi, Shirin K
external image 1tna2AwQ4AAEDTSOadJOzpMo2KA==.largenf.png?src=avt_fb
My avatar represents my heritage from Persia. Physically, most Persians have a darker color of skin and a darker color of hair. Though, many people in north of Iran have lighter color skin.
My avatar is holding a poetry book (lets pretend) :) because I wanted to show the importance of poetry and literature in Iran. Farsi has a powerful literature and its poetry with master pieces of Sadi, Hafez, Moulana, Rumi, and Omar Khayyam is well known.
I had my avatar wear glasses because a massive number of Persians want to go to collage.
And finally, I chose this background because Persians often visit their family and friends at least once or twice a week and they are well known of their good hospitality.

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